The fight won’t be easy but has it ever been? Do you want to be a part of something that is going to change the future?


Madeleine Griffin, Early Education, ACT

"Make high-income earners and business pay their fair share of tax, so we can lower the retirement age and have better healthcare."

Dawn, home care, NSW

"We need to stop privatizing things. It’s a short-term solution to a long-term problem. It ends up costing us for essential services at the end of the day."

Philip, cleaner, QLD

"Stop using rhetoric that divides the nation and makes people more intolerant. Start using language that is inclusive."

Andrew, correctional officer, TAS

"Provide a supplementary income for families who do casual work when children are young, but are unable to work for shortperiods."

Chloe, aged care, SA

"Change the health system in Australia. Allocate more doctors and nurses in country and rural areas."

Chamari, cleaner, ACT

"Juggling work and young children is a real challenge. Single parents need more support, not the big cuts to benefits that the Government has made."

Monica, disability support worker, SA

"Have the cost of living rise more evenly so that people don’t get shocked by sudden increases in prices."

Heidi, catering, WA

"Build more hospitals, and keep them better staffed. Healthcare is such a fundamental need and right within our society."

Marieta, teacher aide, QLD

"Dentistry should be available for everyone, without four or five year waiting lists, in public centres."

Fikreta, educator, QLD

"The safety net for older people and the unemployed is getting weaker. We should strengthen it and put more money into health and education."

Graham, hotel worker, WA